You understand marketing and can do it yourself, but just need a plan, some guidance, accountability, inspiration and latest tips and tricks on a regular basis to keep your marketing program in orbit.

  • Are you overwhelmed with marketing? What to post on which social media platforms? When to send e-mails? 

  • Do you want to be more consistent but not sure how to be?

  • Do you have staff that need ongoing training and content ideas?

  • Do you need help with figuring out which tools will make it all easier? 

  • Are you ready to move beyond just taking classes and actually just get it done...consistently??



  • Submit unlimited questions or requests by email and get a response within 24 hours

  • Use for reviewing campaign and marketing strategy or get feedback on individual marketing tactics

  • Ideal for businesses that have a marketing system in place, and require ongoing guidance

  • One 1-hour phone/zoom call for strategy or training
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