The Myth of 'Making Money First': Why Your Marketing Can't Wait

An entrepreneur's ultimate goal isn't just to survive, but to grow and succeed in their business.

I have talked to countless business owners after they attended one of my marketing webinars. I figured that business owners attended my classes because they had a marketing challenge. What they are doing now is not working or working as well as they had hoped. So many times I have been told "When I make more money, I'll hire you for marketing."

So I have to is that going to work? If what you are doing is NOT working, how will it now work to make MORE money to afford marketing? Does this sound like you?

Recognizing the need to change

The fact that you've taken marketing classes or sought advice shows you realize what you're doing isn't working. This realization is the first step towards transformative growth. However, recognition alone isn’t enough. Action is necessary. If you continue to wait for more money to come in before you invest in marketing, how will your situation change? Without action, today’s shortcomings will likely be tomorrow’s obstacles.

The Risks of Waiting

  1. Missed Growth Opportunities: By not marketing your business effectively, you lose out daily on potential customers who could be the key to your financial breakthrough.
  2. Lack of Visibility and Brand Recognition: Without consistent marketing efforts, your business remains unknown to potential customers. Increasing your visibility is essential to attract and retain customers.
  3. Stunted Feedback Loop: Effective marketing not only promotes your business but also provides vital feedback from customers, which is essential for refining your products or services. Without investing in marketing, you're missing out on this critical feedback, which could guide your business improvements.

The Value of Professional Marketing Help

Many entrepreneurs consider cutting costs by delegating their marketing to someone they know, like a family member who can create engaging social media content. While it's true that teenagers might make cool TikToks or eye-catching Instagram posts, successful marketing requires much more. It involves strategic planning, understanding target audiences, analyzing data, and crafting messages that convert interest into sales.

  •  Expertise Matters: Just as you wouldn’t entrust your financial records to someone without proper accounting skills, marketing also needs expertise. The nuances of digital marketing strategies, SEO, and data analytics are best handled by professionals.
  •  Cost-Effective in the Long Run: Hiring professional marketers might seem like a significant expense initially, but it is more cost-effective in the long run. Professionals will optimize your budget and ensure higher returns on your investment through more efficient strategies and tools.

Why Immediate Investment in Professional Marketing is Crucial

Investing in professional marketing should be seen not as a secondary step, but as a foundational component of your business strategy:

  •  Set a Practical Budget: Understand that marketing is an investment, not just an expense. You don’t need a colossal budget to get started. Begin with what you can afford, measure your results, and adjust your spending as you grow.
  •  Choose ROI-Driven Strategies: Prioritize marketing strategies that provide measurable returns. For instance, digital marketing can be particularly effective and offers clear metrics to gauge performance.
  •  Leverage Your Learning: You've taken marketing classes; now use that knowledge. Apply the latest strategies and tools you've learned to give your business the best chance to succeed.


You’ve already taken the first step by learning more about marketing, and recognizing that your current methods aren’t working. Now, it's time to use that knowledge and invest in professional marketing help. Waiting to "make money" before investing in marketing is akin to waiting to be rescued without calling for help.


If you are ready to invest in your marketing, let us help you pick the strategy that is right for you. Schedule a strategy session today:

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