Hundreds of business owners we have spoken to usually fall into at least one of these categories (sometimes all three!)

1. NO TIME- they were too busy running the day-to-day operations

2. NO EXPERTISE – they’d sit down to do marketing only to end up frustrated looking at a blank screen or piece of paper. 

3. NO DESIRE-They just don't WANT to do it!  If marketing is something you have no passion for, chances are you just won't get it done.

We can do the work for you. 
Our packages can include:


Social Media

E-Mail Marketing


Graphic Design


Request Done For You Pricing

Let us take away the overwhelm and get it done for you. Pricing will be on the way!

"We brought Patty in to take our social media and marketing to the next level in late 2019. She has proven to be an important member of the Darrow's family. She goes beyond her duties and helps with monitoring our delivery app menus, maintaining our website, finding new opportunities to bring new customers into the restaurant and through the pandemic has been invaluable in keeping our online systems updated and orders flowing both delivery and pick up. She's not going anywhere!"

Norwood Clark Jr.
Darrow's New Orleans Grill

"Hiring virtually means employee overhead is substantially reduced. Basically it allows small businesses like Chumeia Vineyards to operate like a large company without the overhead costs. Our online sales tripled and our wine club grew by 20% when she worked with us. She kept me organized and was always patient with my lack of technical experience. She drove down to help us at major winery events. Everyone loved her positive attitude! "

Kristin Nesbitt
Chumeia Vineyards, Paso Robles

"Patty was initially hired to help our Soledad tasting room staff with wine club & customer support, but eventually helped us with e-mail marketing, social media, website management and event planning as well. She provided seamless, consistent service to both our tasting room and our executive staff in Napa. She was an invaluable part of our team. Our club members, customers and staff appreciated her always being available even if she was not on site."

Joshua Cairns
Hahn Family Wines

"Patty was hired as Marketing E Channel Manager and was solely  responsible for e-mail marketing and assisting with social media and social listening.  She was an integral part of the team toadvance our digital strategies.  She expanded our welcome e-mail series to members increasing awareness of  new banking tools and created a marketing  campaign based on her social listening skills.  She also created a successful Pinterest contest to increase home equity loans."

Karl Goins
Travis Credit Union

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